Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back to School

Just a few months late...

From the first day of Co-op

Be Better

I want to Be Better....

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Daughter
  • Teacher
  • Organized
    • Documenting
    • Homeschooling
    • Housework
  • Healthier
    • Whole Foods 
    • Physically fit
Just to name a few.... My prayer is that God can help me Be Better.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wdw pics


Wdw pics

Aaron sword and the stone
Issac and the stone
Snowing at Beast castle


Walt Disney World

We started off the day early and dry to make it in time for Jedi Training sign ups.  We saw the little Mermaid, rode buzz light year, saw Disney Jr Live, traveled America, ate some yummy food. Then we got Issac got ready for Jedi Training (Aaron was too nervous) but the stage was too wet so we went inside for a picture with Darth Vader (Daddy was to allowed). Then we headed over to the Indiana Jones set, for some action and shooting. Saw Beauty and the Beast on stage, a 3D Muppet show and ended our day of Hollywood Studios at the Frozen sign along!!! We all had fun with lots to do and very little waiting. We were would have stayed longer, but we were all tired after little sleep the night before.