Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why we left our church

Over a year ago we thought that we should move closer to our church so that we could be more active, involved with the worship team and youth programs. We started by looking at one house and then another and so on. Finally we had found some land where we could build the house we really wanted and had dreamed of living in.
Through out the whole search I prayed and ask our church to pray for God to show us where we should be and where he wanted us to serve. I prayed this thinking we should be closer and more active in our church. 
A few months into our search friends of ours, from a neighboring church, asked if we were in a small group. We were not at see the time, due to our schedule and location had made it difficult. They invited us to join thiers as they were starting up a new session.
We decided to go ahead and give it a try since we did not have any other options that were as close to our home. We still continued looking at houses while attending our church, but also visited the church of our small group. Then over the next few months opportunities came up to lead, serve and even invite friends without a church to come visit at our small group's church. After a few weeks of being involved we talked about if we were leaving our church or if we should just go to both. We were both feeling guilty about leaving our church, where my parents attend and where our oldest was just baptized.
Then things really started getting to us, upsetting us and even ruining old relationship we had with our church. We were upset and done. All this time I forgot my prayer... God shows us where we should be, where you want to use us to be your hands and feet. I forgot God always has better plans than mine. Satan was feeding us lies that we can't leave a church. He wanted us to feel guilty about how the church would be with out us. The people of the church don't need us, our friends without a church and those far from church NEED us. They need us to be the hands and feet more than we need to be members of any church.
God is good all the time and all the time God is good.