Friday, December 5, 2014

Got what I wanted.....

Through our short time homeschooling I have finally realized I am getting just what I wanted for myself.  I used to say I would love to go to school full time if it weren't for the cost and testing I would!!!  I have enjoyed the art of learning most of my life.  I enjoyed it so much I went to college for a few more than 4 years.  Although I enjoyed learning and understood most of the subjects in college, I didn't do well being tested and my grades showed I rarely got great results.  As a High School student I took AP classes and never had to try much to achieve decent grades. 

We did not come to the decision to home school our children quickly or without hesitation.  I think I knew before our oldest son started kindergarten that it was something I should do.  But selfishly I was looking forward to the time both our kids would be in school and I could have MY time.  The first year he was in school we struggled with a few things, the top contenders were getting up and moving in the morning, the bad attitude he was developing and he seemed to be bored while at school.  The next year we faced the same issues on-top of being told he needs 'more' and he wont get it 'in school' for another year or two.  That was the being of our search to find where to get the 'more' he needed.  After weeks of searching and discussing the options I watched this video of Logan at a TED conference about his 'Hackschooling' and realized I had to home school our children if I ever wanted them to ever reach his full potential.  

Since I've had talked to many mothers lately about homeschooling and wondering if it's something they should do with their children.  I truly believe that anyone can do it, I know I didn't and NEVER thought I WOULD!!  Just in the short few months we have seen so many positives and honestly can't think of a negative.  Our oldest would say he does miss playing at recess with his friends, but understands that he gets to do so much more now.  So now as a family we see learning in every area of our lives.  The learning never stops and Google has answered many of our random questions.  So God has blessed me with another way to continue learning for quit a few more years!!!

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